Our Engagement Story

Lewys and I started planning our trip to New York in the first few days of January 2017. We were just coming down from the hype of Christmas and January blues were hitting us hard. So, inspired by Home Alone 2 which we’d watched a few days prior we spontaneously booked the trip. The first thing my romantic boyfriend said to me after booking was, ‘Before anyone says anything I’m not proposing to you whilst we’re out there!’ and he meant it…charming!

Fast forward 10 months and in the lead up to Christmas we were getting closer and closer to our trip and the excitement was building. I had so many people keep saying ‘you’re going to get engaged in New York’ but I honestly didn’t believe them. I thought to myself ‘I know Lewys better than anyone and there is no way he’d have forked out for a holiday and a ring at the same time’...turns out I don’t know him as well as I thought.

On our first day in NYC we arrived and the city was covered in snow which was cold, but magical. We decided to spend the day walking through Central Park and stopped off for lunch at the Boat House. As we first arrived, there was a couple who’d just got engaged taking selfies and getting all excited. Me being me started joking around with Lew making sarky comments about how lucky she was and how we’d never get engaged, he just brushed it off and we carried on with the day which was lovely.

Day two, 17th December 2017, arrived in a flash. Jet lag was being a bit of a bitch so we got up super early and set off to the Statue of Liberty. It was probably one of the coldest moments of my life traveling on the ferry to Liberty Island, the wind was like blades on my face. We took our hands out of our pockets a couple of times to snap a couple of touristy shots but spent the rest of the journey huddled up like penguins trying not to freeze.

When we arrived at Liberty Island we were almost the last people off the ferry as we wanted to avoid huge crowds (not that there were many at 9am). We walked around to the front of the island in front of Lady Liberty herself and found a nice spot for some Instagram pics and spent a few minutes getting some nice shots. Getting colder and colder I kept asking Lewys if we could move and find another spot but he kept telling me that they weren’t quite right…

New York Engagement | Living Through The Lens

He got me to turn away to face the river and he would get a nice shot of me from behind (his Instagram husband training is going very well) but as I turned back around to ask what the shot was like, he was down on one knee. It was incredibly romantic and the kind of thing you dream of a little girl but in that moment I was so embarrassed. I was terrified people would look at us and in so much shot I didn’t really know what to say or do. This manifested itself as me just shouting ‘Fuck’ multiple times and pulling him up off the ground so people didn’t see what was happening.

New York Engagement | Living Through The Lens

When I’d calmed down, of course I said YES and put the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen on my finger (thank goodness I’d had my nails done before the trip). We took a few obligatory snaps and then headed off to find warmth and wi-fi so I could call my family to tell them the exciting news.

New York Engagement | Living Through The Lens

The rest of our trip was so incredible and whilst we were always on the move (excluding a couple of lazy morning watching Keeping up with the Kardashians…Lewys’s new fave show) it was the most relaxed I’ve been in a long while. Spending time in a city that I’ve fallen in love with a man I’ve fallen in love with, eating the most incredible food and taking some great photos…what’s not to love?

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