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Bathing in Nature at Brightwell Vineyard

Bathing in Nature is a labour of love project aiming to support women’s well being and empowerment. Born out of my discovery of how wild swimming in nature helped my own mental health, in the summer of 2020 I set out on a mission to make this accessible to all women.


“After being diagnosed with cancer, I was completely overwhelmed at how my body not only got me through it but how much it undertook during my treatment. I wanted to celebrate it. I have never thought twice about my body before & how amazing it can be. I saw Corin’s photos and just knew that was exactly what I wanted and needed. To see more than just me having cancer but to just see purity and calm.”

Babs Michel

“I wanted to participate in the project to challenge my own body dysmorphia and perceptions on what bodies actually look like. Leading up to the shoot I was nervous but totally reassured by Corin and during the session I was still a bit nervous and then a huge wave of relief and accomplishment came over me!”


“I wanted to join the Bathing in Nature project to celebrate my body post three children. And to feel as beautiful as the other ladies I’d seen do it. During the shoot I felt confident, a little nervous, but really pleased with myself that I did it. And it was so fun.”


“A friend of mine was involved in the project and I thought it was such a beautiful and exciting project celebrating all types of women from different walks and stages of life, plus I absolutely adore baths, it’s one of my favourite self care hobbies so I thought it would be fun! I was very nervous as this was definitely very much out of my comfort zone and I have never done anything like this before but as soon as I got in I felt so relaxed and at ease and really enjoyed the whole experience! Corin made me feel so comfortable and natural.”


“After watching the project from the start and seeing all of these amazing women take part, I thought I should take myself out of my comfort zone and that it would be an amazing opportunity to capture a special time in my life growing as a human. I think when you are pregnant it can be difficult to appreciate your body changing and creates lots of insecurities. So I wanted to feel more empowered by the changes and remind myself how amazing a woman’s body can be.”

Want to find out how the Bathing in Nature Project has helped these amazing women long term? They’ve all told their stories in the Bathing in Nature coffee table book which is available now!

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